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Hubgen's story

Hubgen's journey started when founders Justin and Graham encountered a business entangled in the Outsourced Lead Trap.

As they ran a successful lead generation service at the time, witnessing the struggles of this trapped company was a pivotal moment.

They saw a need for a service that didn't just provide leads but empowered businesses to generate their own.

Deciding to fill this gap, they pivoted, ceasing their lead generation service to focus on building Hubgen. Their goal was to enable businesses to develop robust, in-house lead generation systems that would free them from reliance on third-party suppliers.

"Through Hubgen, Justin and Graham offer tools, training, and support, aiding companies in constructing their own effective lead generation processes."

Our proven process

Within months you'll have your own competitor-busting internal lead gen facility, feeding leads to your sales team that are profitable, scalable and more controllable than ever before.

Learn & Plan

Learn & Plan

We come into your business, we listen and we learn about your unique resources, goals and customers. We then map out the best possible digital customer strategy and program for you, with clear tactics and measures to prove its success.

Implement and test

Implement & Test

We set up, manage and run the new program for you, including ad creation and setup of channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn and high-converting landing pages. We'll ensure the quality and conversion rates of the leads are strong and looking at ways to improve every detail of the process, tactics and ultimate sales funnel.

Marketing Optimisation


At this point, our role is managing working with your team and finding ways to optimise every detail of their activity to get the best possible results and continually scale those results as they go. We'll implement reporting using PowerBI, giving you access to near real-time data across every channel.

How our clients have benefited from working with us

"We’re now self-sufficient and entirely in control of our own growth. In terms of the financials it’s also been very successful. ROI is 400%"

Connie Tope
Marketing Director, Bloom Hearing UK

Find out how we unlocked massive sales opportunities for Bloom UK.

We know what it means to have an effective relationship with our clients.

That’s why we centralise all campaign updates, work logs and lots more.

This helps to keep you in the loop and us up to speed as to what you need and want from us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does Hubgen do?
How long does it take?
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What are the benefits of working with Hubgen?
How do I know if Hubgen can help us?

More sales, fewer headaches.

Working with us has many perks.

More sales is only the start. Data ownership and lower costs put you back in the drivers seat of your own marketing team. No more waiting around for leads to trickle in- just totally targeted and unfatigued leads that help you meet your goals.

Sound good? Book a call today to find out how we can help.

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