Facebook has recently added two new B2B targeting options for your ads.

Picture of facebook targetting options for B2B

New targeting options have been stagnant on Facebook for the past few years, in fact, ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

This latest focus on B2B is most likely driven by reports that LinkedIn is expected to double its advertising revenue by 2026 as it becomes the go-to platform for B2B marketers.

And for good reason. LinkedIn offers the kind of granular targeting unmatched by other platforms.

But the downside of LinkedIn? It’s expensive.

LinkedIn users typically aren’t in a buying mindset. It can be a very powerful platform, but it often takes many touch points with a prospect, drip-feeding relevant ads over many weeks before your target will engage with you.

Facebook users, on the other hand, tend to have more time to engage with ads.

So the announcement that Facebook is offering B2B marketers more specific B2B audience targeting is very welcome news. It’s something the platform has been lacking.

You’ll find these options in your ad sets under ‘Detailed targeting’.

Read Meta’s announcement here.

N.B: If these new targeting options still aren’t relevant to you, try using LinkedIn to send traffic to a blog post on your site and then retarget these visitors via Facebook. This way, you’ll be using the power of LinkedIn’s targeting combined with the cheaper traffic available from Facebook.