Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is an essential component of your lead generation strategy. It can be the difference between profit and loss.

Most clients we work with have previously tried to generate their own leads. They usually give up when they fail to hit the same cost per sale as their external lead source.

There are a number of reasons for this. It could be their campaigns are not optimised efficiently, they’re not sending traffic to their website, or they’re using channels that don’t encourage purchasing decisions.

Quite often, the solution is to implement one of the less obvious conversion strategies that enable you to squeeze sales from leads more often.

One of these strategies is to optimise your thank you page. Yet this is the page that most marketers forget to optimise.

Why Optimise Your Thank You Page?

The thank you page, or success page is the page your website visitors see immediately after submitting the form on your landing page. When analysed through tools like Microsoft Clarity, the thank you page typically receives more attention than any other page on your website.

Having given you their contact details, it makes sense that visitors will be interested in the next step. Now they’ve entered into a relationship with you, they are naturally curious about the benefits and value you can offer them.

The thank you page is a premium opportunity to get them excited about the journey you will share together. Get your strategy right and you will create bonds and nurture relationships: leads to loyalty.

So take time to infuse the thank you page with content that supercharges the emotions of customers and gets them excited about the call you are going to make to them, or the information they will receive etc.

Leading firms like Amazon, eBay, MailChimp and Hubspot have nailed their thank you page optimisation. It’s time to take your lead from the masters.

Build Confidence

Obtaining personal contact details doesn’t mean you have a nailed-on sale. More often than not, you will need to build customer confidence.

The thank you page is arguably your best opportunity to present prospects with information that enhances the emotions triggered by your landing page.

Strike whilst the proverbial iron is hot.

Use the thank you page to reinforce your trust metrics and social proof. If you have genuine customer testimonials, direct leads to the relevant page on your website. If you have a Trust Pilot page or equivalent, even better.

Another option is to create content that reinforces your position as an authority in your field. Use your thank you page as an extension of your landing page.

The content must demonstrate that you’re a reputable brand, an expert in your field and answer questions they probably have. If you have quotes from peers to customers that express your expertise, highlight any praise in a visual, standout graphic on your thank you page.

An FAQ section is also an effective tool in getting the right information to prospects in an easy to digest way. It can help to alleviate any worries or concerns that prospects have about the next steps. It can also help them prepare for a call, appointment, or email, and be on the lookout for this ahead of time.

Cross-sell On Your Thank You Page

Visual images help to make a thank you page more engaging and appealing. Although it can feel a little pushy, an effective way of adding images is to promote other products and services you offer.

Cross-selling is an effective strategy that encourages existing customers to buy more.

Most consumers probably won’t take you up on your offer directly from the thank you page. However, the mere act of promoting your other products and services informs people of their availability. You could say, the seed is planted.

Wrap Up

The thank you page is a grossly underused resource that can effectively leverage lead generation. By getting valuable information in front of the prospect, it can help increase conversion rates further down the funnel, giving a big boost to your overall return.